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2023 Matrix Analytical Unit Coach of the Year

Grading as the top unit football coach among 1,098 peers in the Matrix Analytical system without the use of rankings, brands, metrics, or subjective evaluations is a testament to unparalleled coaching expertise rooted solely in on-field performance. This distinction, untethered from considerations of recruiting or off-field influences, signifies an exceptional ability to maximize on-field results within the confines of available resources. It stands as a rare accolade, illustrating a mastery of coaching excellence centered solely on on-field outcomes—a testament to strategic prowess, adaptability, and the capacity to navigate game scenarios to achieve unparalleled success.

Earning this distinction purely based on on-field performance, devoid of additional factors or subjective evaluations, cements a season of coaching prowess. It symbolizes an ability to strategize, adjust, and guide a team to triumphs without relying on external measurements, showcasing a level of coaching brilliance grounded in on-field results that sets a distinctive standard in a competitive coaching landscape.


2023 MAS OL Coach Grade - 96.7*

Coach Durkin, a seasoned offensive line coach with a career CRI 4 star grade of 70.3 with 10 seasons of OL coaching at Liberty, Coastal Carolina and Bowling Green, made an immediate impact in his first season as the Flames offensive line coach. The highest graded unit coach in 2023 in what was a pre-season top 25 staff, played a pivotal role in propelling Liberty to a New Year 6 Bowl. Durkin's wealth of experience and strategic insights proved instrumental in orchestrating a significant transformation within the team's offensive front. From a UMASS strength and condition coach in 1995, through Richmond and Hofstra before getting into the FBS in 2010 with the Dave Clawson led BGSU Falcons, it has been a long but successful road for Coach Durkin. Our entire team of data engineers are very happy to acknowledge his outstanding 2023 season, as well as the players and staff that made this all possible.

Matrix Analytical has carved a pioneering path by revolutionizing the assessment of college football coaches through a distinct array of key metrics that underscore their unparalleled effectiveness in this domain. By meticulously scrutinizing unit performance, Matrix Analytical unveils the intricate dynamics within a team, gauging not just overall success but also the effectiveness of individual components. Evaluating opponent roster strength and coaching quality provides a nuanced understanding of a coach's strategic prowess amidst varying challenges, shedding light on their adaptability and tactical astuteness. Additionally, delving into unit talent and strength of schedule offers invaluable context, allowing for a more precise evaluation of a coach's achievements against the backdrop of available resources and the competitive landscape. Year-over-year progression and in-season regression/progression metrics further showcase a coach's capacity for consistent growth and adaptability, providing a comprehensive view of their performance beyond mere win-loss records. This holistic analytical framework by Matrix Analytical transcends traditional assessments, offering a profound and objective evaluation of college football coaches that remains unparalleled in its depth and insight.

*Our grading system is very similar to recruiting rankings and PFF player grades as we have integrated a simple 0-100 scale. It's design, like recruiting stars, is a bell curve (see right) with most coaches congregated in the 2.5 -3.5 star range. Grades of 70 or more are 4 star + coaches and comprise less than 25% of all on field coaches we have graded since 2010.

Our Coach Rating Index (CRI) has over 40,000 annual coach report cards and nearly 10,000 career graded for the benefit of our client programs building and maintaining their on-field staffs.

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