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2023 Advanced Metrics

Welcome to this Coach/Fan post of Advanced Metrics for the 2023 season and the attached workbook to compare any two FBS teams from the 2023 season. Our next PSA post will be comparing the 2022 vs 2023 season so you can track regression or progression of AdMets of your favorite team(s).

Fans and coaches can benefit from using advanced metrics in football for various reasons:

For Fans:

  1. Deeper Understanding: Advanced metrics offer a more nuanced and comprehensive understanding of player and team performances. Fans can appreciate the game beyond surface-level statistics, gaining insights into the intricacies of each play and player contribution.

  2. Enhanced Engagement: Using advanced metrics adds depth to discussions and analysis. It allows fans to engage in more meaningful debates, predictions, and evaluations, fostering a more engaging and informed fan community.

  3. Better Predictions: Some advanced metrics have predictive capabilities. Fans can make more accurate predictions about game outcomes, player performances, or team strategies, adding an analytical layer to their understanding and enjoyment of the sport.

  4. Recognizing Underrated Players: These metrics often highlight players whose contributions might not be apparent in basic stats. Fans can identify and appreciate underrated or undervalued players who make significant impacts on the game.

  5. Insight into Team Strategies: Understanding advanced metrics unveils the strategies and tactics employed by teams. Fans gain insights into why certain plays are called or why specific players are used in particular situations, deepening their appreciation for the game's complexities.

For Coaches:

  1. Performance Analysis: Advanced metrics provide in-depth analysis of player and team performance. Coaches can identify strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement based on detailed statistical insights.

  2. Strategic Decision-Making: Metrics inform strategic decisions, helping coaches optimize game plans, play calling, and in-game strategies. They can tailor tactics to exploit opponent weaknesses or maximize their team's strengths.

  3. Talent Evaluation and Scouting: Advanced metrics aid in talent evaluation and scouting. Coaches can identify undervalued talent or potential recruits by analyzing deeper performance indicators.

  4. Player Development: Coaches can use advanced metrics to track player development, identify areas needing improvement, and tailor training programs to address specific weaknesses or enhance strengths.

  5. Competitive Edge: Embracing advanced metrics can provide a competitive edge. Teams that effectively leverage these metrics often have a more thorough understanding of their performance, opponents, and strategies, leading to better-informed decisions and higher chances of success.

In summary, both fans and coaches benefit from advanced metrics by gaining deeper insights, making more informed decisions, and appreciating the game at a more sophisticated level. These metrics provide a competitive edge and foster a more engaged and knowledgeable football community.

How to use the attached workbook

  1. Download it to your desktop and open with excel or google docs

  2. Select the teams to compare from the drop-down cell in B2 and D2

  3. The cells will auto populate with metrics and rankings of each vs all 133 FBS teams for the 2023 season.

If you have any issues or have further data requests, let us know at

Enjoy - Dave

Dave Bartoo

Managing Partner

2023 CFB Advance Metrics Worksheet ALL FBS
Download XLSX • 381KB

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