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 Athletic Directors

Intro to ADsDave Bartoo - MAS
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"Greater awareness" "Accountability" "Setting expectations" "Outside the Box" and " Advanced Annual Prep"

These are all words of thanks we have received from Athletic Directors with regards to our work for them. From our database of over 15,000 coaches with their backgrounds, results, grades, coaching tree, knowledge and awareness we can provide to an AD for their entire football coaching staff, is deeper than anything available in football today.

We are like having a personal analyst that can profile or find any coach, for any position, whether it be for your program or monitoring your competition. We can not only turn over every rock in finding a new Head Coach, we can profile every candidate's top choices for staff to set your expectations and consistently monitor and update staff game and recruiting performance by coach. 


All of our thanks & appreciation to Athletic Director @TrevAlberts

for the honor of trusting us to be a part of The Process for the @HuskerFBNation.
It was an intensel
y diligent process that left no data stone unturned.

Ultimately, we try to help with being a value add, not a substitution, for Athletic Directors make informed decisions, reduce risk and be more efficient in their process of understanding the staff and being prepared for any changes.

MAS is instrumental in providing information to Athletic Directors to aid in coaching searches of all kind. The cutting edge analytics we provide act as a filter to quickly assembly a list of candidates that the fit the budget and vision of any program in any situation. 

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