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Intro to the REAP ConceptDave Bartoo - MAS
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Recruiting Edges Analytics Program - R.E.A.P.

This is a stand alone service that takes a custom and ultra-deep dive into your recruiting behavior and analytics.

In our work with programs here are some notes on what we find when it come to compiling data on recruits and recruiting.

1. If there is no culture that believes data can create an edge, gathering data is worthless
2. Every program IS pulling information and data from every recruit but no program IS pulling as much information as they could out of each recruiting situation. 
3. The information compiled is not consistently being organized for finding edge behaviors.
4. Those that are compiling data consistently are not analyzing it for edges in their program

R.E.A.P. starts with identifying what is and IS NOT being collected. Every day you are not collecting data with a purpose, you are losing information you can NEVER get back. 

What could a use of analyzing good recruiting data do for your program? Reduced player attrition. Greater focus on quality recruiting targets. Higher hit rate on recruits. More time coaching. A d
eeper 1-85 roster.  However, you can't get there until you put in the work right now. Every day you miss collecting data is a day of opportunity to advance your program by finding edges in player behavior.  

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