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The Six

Here are the basic categories of our focus of work. Each image below has a link to a page and audio that will walk you through our services both off and on the field. The core of all services is the heart of our mission, bringing forward thinking improvements in efficiency, reduction risk and create edges with available data and data yet to be discovered like everything your program is not collecting today.

Intro to Big 6 ServicesDave Bartoo - MAS
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Head Coach/Ops/Full Staff
coach j smith_edited.jpg
CFL, NFL, XFL Staffing
OSU Beavs team_edited.jpg
Athletic Directors
Matt-Rhule-Trev-Alberts-1200-pic (1)_edited_edited.jpg
Coaches Marketing and Promo
christian-taylor (1)_edited.jpg
OC/DC Edges & Reports
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