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Finding performance and behavior EDGES in numbers


2023 MAS Intro Dave Bartoo - Managing Partner
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The easiest explanation of what we do in all facets of our work is we tell stories with numbers, or rather we let the numbers tell us a story. The goal is using past data behaviors and results in the numbers to find an edge in every aspect of football program management. In short, you gain edges, reduce acquisition risk and find efficiencies inside the numbers. 

Our work is unlike anyone else offering services in this niche. Nearly all of the 'numbers' groups and sites focus on game metrics and stats, not analytics, they do not work on non-game research and are available to everyone so no one truly gains a true edge.

"The ability to change is the price of survival.

Matrix Analytical has been a change agent for 

the Green Wave!" - Donn Landholm Director FB 

We are not a one size fits all sports analytics company where every program gets the same data, the same ideas and same programs inside the box.  While we do have some standardized services, much of our work is custom for each program. We work with our clients to not only gather meaningful data correctly, but customize it and apply it for their program. 

We work outside the huddle, as a big part of our focus and available data is pre-game analytics (hiring, firing, recruiting, performance strengths and weaknesses) as well as beta projects in analytics strategy for health and recovery and even fundraising for ADs.

Our services are of LIMITED availability to FBS and FCS programs. In order to stay true to edges created in analytics, we will only accept half the teams from any division. If we allow access to all then no one has an edge and it becomes just another service everyone pays for with little to do benefit. Call us today and get on this train before it is gone.


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