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Did 2023 Support Coaching Drive Wins?

The 2023 college football season wasn't just defined by the players' grit and determination; it was a testament to the unsung heroes of the sidelines—the on-field support staff whose strength lay not just in their expertise but in their graded excellence. In a season where victories mirrored the caliber of coaching prowess, it was unmistakable how the correlation between strong support staff grades and team success became a clear and defining narrative. Teams with meticulously graded support staff emerged as the trailblazers, consistently notching up wins, showcasing that behind every touchdown, every strategic play, and every triumphant moment, there was a staff beyond the coordinators driving the momentum. Their career grades in our Coach Rating Index weren't just numbers; they were the compass guiding teams to victories, the catalysts igniting the fire of ambition, and the architects of a winning culture. In the thrilling saga of college football, the support staff's prowess wasn't just a footnote—it was part of the winning formula etching legacies and carving paths toward championship glory.

We began each new college football season with a breakdown of the career grading of every on-field coach since 2010. We pull out all the active coaches so we can compare the grades of every staff prior the first kickoff. As we looked back on the comprehensive assessment of all 2,805 football coaches' careers a light was shed on an intriguing discovery: a robust correlation between high "support" coaching grades and consistent winning. The data painted a clear picture, showcasing how teams led by support unit coaches (WR,RB,TE,OL,DE,DB,S,LB,DL) with strong career grades often found themselves on the winning end more frequently.

Below is the 2023 chart of support staff grades vs average win totals. Winning and our coaching grades weren't just happenstance; it highlighted a meaningful relationship between coaching proficiency and on-field success. The top 50% of all graded FBS staffs had an average of 2.2 more wins than the bottom half of graded support staffs. This correlation underscored the pivotal role coaching quality plays in steering teams toward victories in the realm of college football.

In our coaching analytics program, our mission is simple yet powerful: to bridge the gap between data and on-field success for our clients. We meticulously analyze snap by snap performance metrics to craft an elite understanding of coaches that drive victories in college football. Through our unique coach performance analytics, we aim to decode the intricacies of winning strategies, identifying patterns and tendencies that separate triumph from mediocrity. Our commitment lies in empowering our clients with actionable insights derived from data, enabling them to make informed decisions and optimize their staffing approaches. We're not just posting numbers and rankings; we're unlocking the playbook to success, ensuring that every coaching decision is backed by evidence and every team is equipped to maximize their potential. Ultimately, our goal is to be the staffing edge that propels our clients towards a path of sustained success and on-field excellence in the competitive landscape of college football.

Interested in enhancing your staffing approach through data-driven insights? Contact me today to discover how our coaching analytics programs can elevate your team's performance to unprecedented heights. Gain access to a wealth of strategic intelligence and unlock the keys to on-field success. Let us guide you toward a winning formula tailored to your team's unique strengths. Reach out now to learn more and embark on a journey toward achieving your coaching aspirations.

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