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Using data in football to find edges in off and on-field efficiencies in risk,  performance and behavior for coaches, FB Ops and ADs.


At Matrix Analytical Solutions, we focus on one goal in our work, EDGES. Whether it is in recruiting, fundraising, game strategy, coach targeting or literally anything in life, we use numbers to try and gain an edge.  If the numbers don't show you how to gain an edge, then its just a stat. and stats have no value. We dont chase stats.


Our team has a career of telling stories with numbers. Since 1993, our collective experience inside the numbers have led us to analytical edges and advancements not just on and off the field in college football but banking, healthcare, military defense and fundraising. We tackle problems with the constant goal of finding answers and simplifying productive actions. 


We are not a one size fits all sports analytics company where every program gets the same data, the same ideas and same programs inside the box. We thinking outside the huddle as most of our work is pre-game analytics (hiring, firing, recruiting, opponent behavior) as well as analytics strategy for health and recovery and fundraising.

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