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BETA Projects 

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The first analytics project of our Founder, Dave Bartoo, was in 1995, before analytics was a business buzz word, was to use the database of consumers to determine their habits and behaviors in using products. The goal was to get to know the consumers and it is no different for fundraising.

Prior to the 1995 analytics project, the marketing plan was blanketing the consumer database with mailings and follow up calls. They did not "know" their marketing database. It turned out that the consumer had a distinct borrowing cycle and 93% of the profits came from 51% of the consumers. When applied to marketing, the budget dropped 37% and product consumption went up 19% in the first year of revised targeting. The analytics enabled to learn "who' each consumer was and where they were in the consumption cycle and the model is still in place nearly 25 years later.

So, do you know your donors? Where are they in the giving cycle? 

To our knowledge, this question has never really been approached nor answered. 

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